Dento-Viractis 33

Mild antiseptic soap

  • High skin tolerance
  • Broad spectrum of activity: Cleans and disinfects
  • Very pleasant floral scent


Mild antiseptic soap for surgical hand washing combines anti-microbial efficiency with high cutaneous tolerance. A broad spectrum of activity, designed for hygienic or surgical hand-washing for all persons working under aseptic conditions (surgeons, dentists, physicians, nurses, etc.) or entering operating blocks or industrial clean rooms.


Description Ref
1 L bottle DV–331
5 L bottle DV–332
Pump dispenser for 1 L bottle DV-313
Pump dispenser for 5 L bottle DV-314

Instructions for use

  1. Antiseptic wash: wet hands and forearms, apply 2 ml of product (the quantity of DENTO-VIRACTIS 33 obtained by one press on the pump dispenser), scrub for 2 mins, rinse well and dry.
  2. Surgical wash: after an initial antiseptic wash, scrub nails and repeat antiseptic wash as per protocol.


Bactericidal Antiseptica (Pharmacopée Xème Edition)
Virucidal NF T 72-180, Activity in vitro vs Herpesvirus, HIV, HBV